Wednesday, March 10, 2010

John 3:16 Part 3


“For God so love the world that he gave…” God chose a particular kind of action to demonstrate his love to the world, and that action is giving. If there is any single activity that helps the believer align himself or herself with God and begin to take on the character, nature and essence of God, it’s giving. God is a giver. He has always been a giver and always will be. I often hear people say that God can do anything. Not true, God couldn’t stop giving even if He tried! God is always giving. God could have chosen any number of ways to show his love to the world. He could have pointed towards creation: the beautiful stars in the sky, the warm breeze on a summer night, or the awesome sight of watching the sun rise. When it came for God to show to show the extent of his love for the world however, giving us creation just wasn’t enough. God chose to give again. It is the act of giving that God chose to show his love. God chose giving and He still chooses giving today as the way to show his love for the world.

When we as believers give we become more like God who never ceases to give. He gives to all: both the righteous and the unrighteous, to those who deserve it and to those who don’t. When we give we take a moment to look beyond ourselves, our needs and our desires, to be a blessing to someone else. When we give we step out of our own little world and come face to face with the needs of others. Giving expands the heart and stretches the soul. It enlarges our field of vision and allows us to see more of the world in need around us. Don’t wait until you feel compassionate to give; giving will make you more compassionate. Do not give so that God will give back to you. God is a giver by nature and does not need to be manipulated into giving. Give for the sake of giving. Give because it’s the right thing to do. Give because your heavenly Father is also giving. Become a partner in the work of God and give of whatever resources God had given to you: your time, your talents, your money, (yes I said your money). Freely you have received and freely you should give (Matthew 10:28). God chooses to give. Will you?

Following the Way,

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