Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teaching Moment

My mother ended up being admitted to the hospital this past weekend and it was quite unexpected.  She was complaining of pain in her shoulder earlier in the week and somehow it traveled down to her leg.  The pain became so intense on Saturday that she couldn't walk or stand on her own so my sister took her to the hospital.  They didn't release her until yesterday when she became able to stand and walk on her own again.

I went to see her in the hospital and it was a scary thing to see my mom so immobilized.  She's such a strong woman and I'm just not used to seeing her so helpless.  It made me think of all the things I take for granted: the ability to stand and walk or take a shower without needing assistance from anyone.  So many of us take our health for granted until it starts to deteriorate.

It also was another reminder of my mother's mortality and the mortality of us all.  She's getting older and her body is beginning to fail her as my body will someday begin to fail me.  Seeing my mom lying helpless in the hospital also made me realize just how helpless we all are.  They are just so many things in life that are completely out of our control.  Having peace in this life requires a certain degree of trust and surrender.  You can't always control what will happen to you.

This situation was a teaching moment for me.  It taught me to be grateful for the many things I simply take for granted every single day.  It's a reminder that as much as I love my mom she doesn't belong to me; she belongs to God and one day whether it be sooner or later God will call her home and I must surrender to that inevitable truth.  I need to do a better job of cherishing the moments I have with her and all the people I love; they won't be here forever.  I'm grateful for this teaching moment for helping me see what's really important during this brief journey called life.  I'm striving to weave a posture of gratitude into my daily life whatever comes my way good or seemingly not so good.

Following the Way,

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