Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Storms that Come

I really wish I could tell you why life can be so difficult sometimes.  I wish I had an answer that made some sense of it all.  I look around at some of the people in my life and all that they are going through and all I can think is God, I don't understand.  The friend whose job is a huge source of stress and there doesn't seem to be any other options, the pastor who's daughter was murdered at the age of  22, another friend whose precious hopes have once again been shattered.  The storms that come in life can be so painful and it's so hard watching someone you love go through a storm.

A couple of days ago a storm came through Boston.  The winds were fierce and it got me thinking.  If you look at strong, sturdy trees when a strong wind blows they look a little frazzled.  The leaves are shaking wildly and the branches are swaying.  If it's a bad enough storm a branch or two may even snap, but the roots remain in the ground.  The wind doesn't uproot the tree and toss it about.  The tree is anchored because of its roots. 

For anyone in the midst of the storms that come, may you be rooted in peace today and always.  Your leaves may shake, your branches may bend and sway and one or two may snap, but may you be rooted in the shalom that only God can offer.  May you know that no matter how the deep the pain, no matter how grave the crisis, you will NOT be uprooted and tossed about.  May God's peace anchor your soul through the storms that come until they pass over. This is my prayer for you.

Following the Way,

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